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Furisode Kimono Rental

Our Frisode and Obi collections are all 100% fine luxury Silk from Kyoto Japan.

Rental prices start from $500

Rental price includes Nagajiban, Obi, Obijime, Obiage, Datejime, Zoris, Koshi Himos, and Obi Makura,Tabi and Hadagi. Price does NOT include Hair Accesorries.

Furisode Girl Collection

Pick your favorite kimono from a variety of color and designs from Furisode Girl Collection.

Kimono Artの振袖ガールコレクションから、お好きなデザインからお選び頂けます。まずは、無料コンサルテーションにお気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。